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27 July 2010 @ 11:27 pm


Just add me , or (better) write a motivation for adding me in the comment of this post

I don't post in my journal very often , i just don't have the time to update every day;
i'm from Italy so , i'm very sorry if my english is not that perfect >-<;
I play bass guitar , i really love it ;
i'm TOTALLY addicted to JRock
some JRock bands that i like are :
PIERROT, RENTRER EN SOI, Angelo, The GazettE ,Kiryu, LM.C, D, NEGA
but i listen to many others , can't list all of them , it will take too long XD;
so speaking of my caracter .. i'm a shy person , at least , only with those that i don't know , but when you happen to know me well it's all up to you to learn more about me.
see yaa~

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